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Olympic Advantage (High/Long/Triple Jumps)

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    I have been wondering this for a while. The Earth is not spherical, so the force of gravity is not the same everywhere on the Earth. Does this mean that it is better to set a world record in high/long/triple jumping in a country with a higher altitude?

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    i'm pretty much one of the most knowlegeable guys you will ever find anywhere concerning athletics ( not braggadocio - it's likelihood from experience )

    gravity per se has little effect on horizontal jumps re: lower g

    the effect of gravity is much more significant a factor thru reduced atmospheric pressure with altitude than variations of 9.81 m/s^2 around globe - it's only fractionally less g at mexico city

    you can ball-park quantify here :


    but to save you labour :

    compare 10.00s at your chosen altitude with sea-level ( 0 wind each )

    the ratio has to be ^2 to gauge advantage ( higher altitude helps once thru greater runway speed & again thru jump phase )

    apply that as correction factor

    ( can also use it for HJ )

    the legend is Bob Beamon & Mexico

    that jump was screwed by wind gauge judge ( they swapped nationality judges constantly back then due to politics - the guy for Beamon was clueless ) who rounded 2.0 - 3.0 m/s winds to 2.0 when he should have rounded to 0.1, making it something 2.0 ++ m/s & illegal for record purposes ( but of course, still the win - whoever jumps furthest wins ) - it's likely this part-time judge was thrilled to "make" a WR

    Beamon had likely wind likely close to 3m/s

    the estimate i got for it 0 altitude/0 wind is ~ 8.60 - 8.65m

    Carl Lewis never broke outdoor WR ( had indoors of 8.79m - vastly superior to beamon )

    Mike Powell beat Carl in '91 with existing WR of 8.95m to 8.91m ( albeit the runway was illegally hard, offering more than 65% permitted energy return )

    Carl was robbed of a legendary jump in '82 by an incompetent judge who foul-judged him despite no mark on the plastiscine

    download jump here ( its 8.3 MB download at "The Perfect Jump" - i back fan call - he got extraordinary height for him, when he was a noted "flat" trajectory guy because of his incredible speed )


    fan discussion here :

    http://mb.trackandfieldnews.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=23788&hilit=ariel [Broken]

    & check wiki :


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