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On capacitive touchscreen technology

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    I am currently studying electrical engineering and for my thesis i`m working with touchscreens, mainly the mobile smartphone type of touchscreens , after long long searches I have not yet come to an answer , i am trying to find out what is the resistance that modifies the low electric field that flows on the screen, and triggers the sensors that pinpoint the X,Y coordinates.
    I hope i was clear and not many misspells went by me , not a native english speaker here so ... sorry in advance .
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    your thread title said capacitive touchscreen, your text talks about resistive

    so which do you want to know about, capacitive or resistive touchscreens ?
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    I think I didn't make myself clear enough , capacitive screens usually work when the finger conducts the flow of current form the surface of the screen ,I'm wondering what conductivity does another object need to have to trigger a response from the sensors.
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