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On motor at specific time everyday

  1. Jul 5, 2012 #1
    Hi All

    I have a requirement where i want my motor pump to start at 6 AM morning and OFF after certain level of my water tank.

    I have browsed few links where i found some 555 timers and level controllers, but not able to consolidate them.

    Please help me the steps to assemble them in broader view.

    Thanks for your expert replies and feedback.

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    Simon Bridge

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    Sure - you want a stop-cock to close the pipe to your tank when it reaches the desired level - commercial pumps will already switch themselves off in the situation the exit is blocked and switch on again when it is clear.

    But you don't want the pump running at any old time, so you plug the pump in to power through a timer which only allows the pump to switch on for a restricted part of the day.

    Both requirements met.
    I'm puzzled to figure what problem you are trying to solve this way.
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