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One question about xiclotron

  1. Jul 18, 2008 #1
    hello everybody
    i thinks the velocity of proton in xiclotron will not increase because the mass proton will increase (theory of relativity) but i think beside have one cause: when proton flys between the two box D then the velocity will be increased by electric fields but time fly between 2 box will reduce. velocity will ỉncease but than difficulter. the obit will narrow and become the narrow
    i may not true this is thought of mine
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    What is xiclotron? Google wants to know if you ment cyclotron. xD
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    sorry .the vietnamese usually call it is xiclotron.i forgot i am joining forums of international

    we know A cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator. Cyclotrons accelerate charged particles using a high-frequency, alternating voltage (potential difference)
    when electron is inside dees D then it doesn't attracts or repels because electric fields doen't throught D that is by copper
    when it is between two D it be attracted or repeled by electric fields and the velocity increase so obit of electron will increase the radius of the circle and so the path will be a spiral.
    but when the velocity increase to the flight speed then mass of electron increase. but velocity more big then the mass more increase [tex]f[/tex] is not exacly and the newton's law will false
    now i want to talk about problem other
    when electron be accelerate by electric fields
    [tex]v_1=v_o + at[/tex]
    [tex]mat/qB[/tex] is constant. it depend by [tex]t[/tex]
    [tex]t[/tex] is time electric fields attracts or repels the electron
    => this is answer "why orbit is a spiral."
    but [tex]t[/tex] will be reduce because [tex]v[/tex] is more increase
    radius will be increase slowly, the orbit will become a round
    it with "effect increase mass" will against velocity grow
    my think true or fasle???????????? i need one answer for this problem
    thank you
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