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Online dating

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    Ok, I got a story for you. It's 1993 and I meet this girl at a college party. I take a liking to her and she "shares my bed." So now we're a couple. About 8 months later a friend of mine provides me with evidence that my girlfriend had advertisements in the local Santa Rosa newspaper as well as the San Francisco paper offering herself as a single white female looking for a sucker..I mean partner.

    Well, 8 months into the relationship, the point is moot, the deal is done. We ended up breaking up a few years later due to "irreconcilable differences" unrelated to the dating scandal.

    So my point is, back in the day, there was real taboo on publicly seeking a relationship "globally,"through the media, rather than locally in your own "home range." Of course, everything changed with the internet. We may have gained something here, but did we lose something also when our options weren't constrained to the local market?
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    indeed, I met my wife in an IRC chatroom in 1999. I was in the USA at the time for an extended stay and she was at home in the Philippines.
    I stress, this was NOT an internet dating site, it was just the good ol' IRC chatrooms of the '90's ... no different to the chatroom system here on PF.
    We struck up a friendship and it went from there. 18 months later we were married and I arranged her immigration visa to Australia and the rest is history
    we celebrated 15th anniversary last September :smile:

    a couple of weeks after Cindy arrive in Australia ( Aug 2001) ... seems like a lifetime ago now


    yeah, I guess, gains and losses ... yes, the old saying " a bigger pond with more "fish" LOL
    but there has been a big loss in that initial personal face to face contact .... tho there would be many that would say, and me included,
    that were/are totally sick of the "pub pick up scene"

    my 2c :wink:


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    Internet relay chat? I remember that. Only back in the 90's I didn't visit that forum to find a mate, I visited it to find depraved pornography :oldsmile: It looks like you found a better use for the site. Congrats, you two look like a fun couple!
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