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Online movies, subtitle, subviewer and pause

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    I'm not an English speaker but love to watch English movies online. In the past I used to watch movies on DVDs with subtitles enabled. Subtitling is important for me to understand storyline, improve English and enjoy the movie fully. I didn't prefer to watch movies online simply because they lacked subtitles even though all the movies on my wish list were available there which I couldn't find in any video store. But then recently I found a software called SubViewer which can upload a text subtitle file. As you know subtitle files are easily available on the internet. I use this software mostly in transparent mode which appears as if the subtitle is integrated to the video as in DVD play.

    Here's a snapshot from the movie Repulsion being watched on Megavideo and subtitled with Subviewer running under transparent mode:

    http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/593...ioncapture.jpg [Broken]

    I have a habit of pausing a movie every other second, to surf internet, to look up a definition of a word etc. Here the first problem arises. When I pause a video, Subviewer keeps on running for a while because it takes me some time to first turn off its transparent mode and then to pause it. So you see it takes a lot of time and energy when you pause it all the time. The other major problem is that the video and subtitle become non-synced. When I restart the video, I have to repeat the whole procedure - turn on the transparent mode of Subviewer, make the subtitle synced with the video. I hope you can see the problems.

    Is there any way to make the process simple? Is there a way to pause both the online video and Subviewer simultaneously? Is there any other software of Subviewer type which offers more functions? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks a lot for reading this and especially your time.
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    You could create a macro key that does both, but I don't know enough about your set-up to do both. I believe that the spacebar will pause the movie, but I don't know what the key is that would select the hidden program and pause it. Perhaps alt-tab plus whatever the pause command is in the subtitle program.
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    Pat, could you please help me with that macro key? I don't know much about such stuff. You only need to download Subviewer which is available free of charge.
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    Ok, i'll download it this weekend and see if I can play around with it. I've only ever played around with macros for games, but it shouldn't be too hard.
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    Pat, it would be very nice of you. I would remember your favour. Thanks.
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    Pat, I just noticed that SubViewer could only be paused using the mouse. The Youtube player uses space bar for pause, not really sure about other online video players such as Megavideo player which , as far as my experience goes, doesn't accept keyboard shortcuts.
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    Sorry, my computer has been out of comission for the last week or so, but I just got it working. I found some free software that would should allow you to write what you need in order to fix this problem. When I get home I will try to remember to get on and let you know what it is. The support forums for this program should be a lot more helpful for what you need than what I can figure out as I learn the program. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.
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