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Only me!

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    Hello chaps,

    Just checking in again. Tesco (aka big idiots) keep postponing activation of my broadband. Not a good enough excuse for not being a regular in here, I know, but I'm doing my best and hope to be with you again permanently shortly!

    Anyway, things are still fun. I've been given my own engine (kinda) to make more powerful, quieter and less smoky. Doing really well on the powerful side of things (breaking the 2000 bhp barrier now, woo!), but it's the noisiest beast in the world and I frequently make enough smoke to cause cars all over the midlands to use their foglights when it's running. All good fun!

    Anyway, when does the voting start for me being the most improved member? I'm determined not to be forgotten despite my recurrent absence!
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    Hey Brewnog! Good to see you visiting again! Glad to hear all is going well with the new job...well, except for the smoke...:rofl:

    Hmm...yes, I think you'll be a shoe-in for most improved member...2 months of silence really keeps you out of trouble. :biggrin:

    I thought Tesco was the grocery store there? They also provide the internet? No wonder it takes so long...that doesn't seem like a likely combination.
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    Brewnog!!! :grumpy:
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    Hey Brewey, will that engine fit in my 106, i need a bit more ummph.:smile:
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    Hey Brewski! Miss you, dude. Who's minding the sheep while you're at work?
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    Hey Brewnog!!

    That award still has your name on it!!!
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    Good to hear you are doing well Brewnog!!!!!!
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    brewnog, is not a contributer...:grumpy: :approve:
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    Lo there! Long time no see. If I'm ever in Sheffield, we'll go for a pint. Same goes if you're ever in Hull, not that it's likeley that you will be.

    But he's certainly less bitter :P
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