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Open source my OIOIC, a completely new object-oriented mechanism for the C.

  1. Mar 12, 2009 #1
    OIOIC is a completely new object-oriented mechanism for the C programming language.

    Using OIOIC, you can describe the flower, birds, grass, insects, trees, houses ...
    Using OIOIC, you can describe the elements, atoms, protons, electrons ...
    Using OIOIC, you can describe the earth, the sun, the Milky Way galaxy, collapsar ...
    Using OIOIC, you can describe ...

    1. OIOIC perfectly supplies the gap of object-oriented technology for the C programming language;
    2. OIOIC perfectly solved the multiple inheritance problem in the Software World;
    3. OIOIC perfectly objectivizes multithreading access control of object;
    4. OIOIC unifies the norm of components in the Software World;
    5. OIOIC unifies the structure of code tree in the Software World;
    6. OIOIC unifies the thinking of object-oriented programming in the Software World;
    7. OIOIC unifies all advanced programming languages in the Software World, to make the C programming language as the preferred.

    For further information, please download the "OIOIC-Primer-2nd-Edition-English.tar.gz". (the English version of << OIOIC Primer >> )

    Welcome your advice!
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    Yes, that's lovely dear. Unfortunately, it's already been done several times already.
  4. Mar 14, 2009 #3
    Yep, C With Classes, C++, Objective-C and D have done it already...
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