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Optical design: BPP beam parameter product M^2 and beam expander

  1. Oct 27, 2013 #1
    We work on optical simulation where we use not ideal beam expander.
    Not ideal means that for beam expander designed for single mode (M^2=1), the output beam has M^2 >1 (M^2 = M squared)

    In our system we want to use beam expander with multimode laser beam.
    The beam expander is not ideal (for example M^2 after beam expander is 5 instead of 1).
    What will be M^2 of the output beam if the M^2 of the input beam is 30: 30+5 OR 30*5 ?

    Of course M^2 is not well defined parameter, what is important to us is to understand the phenomena in this case.

    I hope I am in right place :-)
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    In real world real lenses (and also optical systems) increase M^2 parameter of the laser beam.
    We know how beam expander affect on Gaussian TEM00 (single mode or M^2=1) beam. We want to predict how same beam expander will work with multimode (high M^2) laser beam.
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