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Oral exam in Electromagnetic

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    I am having an Oral Exam tomorrow, and the only clue about whats coming is this:

    Being able to describe in an adequate way a solution to everyday electromagnetic issues.

    I thought I should prepare my self a little bit, so I wanted to ask someone here about what kind of things that could possibly show up.

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    That's a broad area. There is not much you can do before tomorrow. Just know Maxwell's equations by heart and apply them to the given question. Knowing the equations is important, knowing what they mean is even more important. And, being able to apply them to a relevant problem correctly will be a A grade in anyone's book. Just keep calm, make sure you clearly understand the question and slowly talk your way through the problem. The answer may come to you, but even if it doesn't you can still score decent marks. Just stay calm, think slowly, think clearly, breath deeply and do your best. Good luck.
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    Thanks! If you think of any possible question let me know :)

    Perhaps I will write here tomorrow and tell how it went , if I dont write anything I probably failed.
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