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Oscillator Experiment

  1. Jun 22, 2005 #1
    I have been trying to find a technique for an Experiment (variation) of the projected space based on R Penrose idea in his book:The road to reality-page 384 fig.17.1

    The chapter deals with Spacetime, if there is anyone who can help me with an experiment here on PF, I think there is an interesting outcome with respect to a number of Spacetime descriptive meanings, which I hope to address.

    So if you have access to a devise that can hold a A4 size card, and move it slowly back and forth horizontally, and another that can hold a simple laser pointer, whilst moving vertically, let us know!

    The Penrose idea has a number of interesting things it can be extended too. If you have read the Chapter, it will be of great interest with a lot of Spactime interpretations, and...there is an amazing effect using the above apparatus (I have had to think the experiment through as I have no equipment), that deals with a long standing issue of 'Particle in a Box' , so if you are in a Lab somewhere, have the above equipment, let us know and lets get a Scientific Experiment that will be of great interest!
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