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OSI 7 Layers,where does the protocol fit-in?

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    I am a novice reading about the 7 OSI layers. I am reading this because I am currently working with a bluetooth device which is used to send serial data from the bluetooth module to the laptop. Since bluetooth is in itself a protocol,much like the 802 protocols, where among the 7 OSI layers does it fit-in?
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    Perhaps this may help:


    Many communication protocols fit into the OSI model but may collapse a couple of layers into one layer or may not implement some layer or may in fact be one of the layers in a larger communication scheme.

    The OSI model is a framework for building a communication protocol from hardware details to firmware to middleware to application software.

    In your case, bluetooth and 802 are at the physical layer.
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    Bluetooth comprises a large number of protocols that span the first six layers of the OSI model. Most of the IEEE 802 standards address only the bottom two layers of the OSI model. Note that Bluetooth was initially one of the IEEE 802 standards (802.15.1), but that standard is no longer maintained. So it's still fair to say that IEEE 802 addresses the bottom two layers of the OSI model.


    Source: Slide 15 of the 1999 IEEE 802.15 Bluetooth proposal, http://www.ietf.org/proceedings/45/slides/mobileip-802_15-99jul/sld001.htm
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