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  1. rushi121

    How can I detect whether driver is sitting in car or not?

    I want a device that can either stick on dashboard or like a key fob in driver pocket that will help to detect whether person is in car or not. Requirements: - Device must have a detector and siren. When detector detects that person is not in car should buzz siren. - Can be a device in car or...
  2. Q_Goest

    My new computer has bluetooth issues :(

    I have a new Dell laptop: It came with Windows 8.1 and I put Windows 10 on. Problem I'm having is with the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth doesn't seem to be able to locate things such as my headphones or wireless speaker. I've looked...
  3. Nietzsche_Keen

    Possible to turn Android phone into Wii style remote?

    I can find instructions and videos everyone for how to control a remote control car with buttons on a smartphone screen. However, what I'M hoping to do is control an arduino equipped motorized car using the gyroscope and accelerometer contained within the phone. I have found the Wireless IMU...
  4. B

    How Bluetooth 4.0 works

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how the BLE functions in more detailed manner. Consider the case of BLE beacons at the local retail outlet. I am notified of a offer when passing through the outlet. The offer may be a text based or a image based. I presume the merchant sends me a generic...
  5. marellasunny

    OSI 7 Layers,where does the protocol fit-in?

    I am a novice reading about the 7 OSI layers. I am reading this because I am currently working with a bluetooth device which is used to send serial data from the bluetooth module to the laptop. Since bluetooth is in itself a protocol,much like the 802 protocols, where among the 7 OSI layers does...
  6. marellasunny

    Why do I need a processing code when I pair Arduino with bluetooth

    Why do I need a "processing" code when I pair Arduino with bluetooth I have a need to connect my [Arduino+Bluetooth dongle JY-MCU V1.02] to my laptop in-built bluetooth device.Most forums suggest using a processing code to go ahead and do this...
  7. marellasunny

    Criteria for choosing short-range wireless:RF/bluetooth/zigbee

    I am a mechanical engineer with little/no knowledge of wireless communication protocols.I have the need to transfer serial data from my Arduino(microcontroller) to my PC. Steering wheel sends serial data upon request from Arduino-> Arduino receives this serial data -> (wireless protocol...
  8. A

    Wireless Wooden Speaker

    So, I need to make a wireless wooden speaker (no Bluetooth or anything, you just put the phone in and it makes it somewhat louder) for my phone (white iPhone 4 without a case if you wanted to get an idea of the dimensions and aesthetics). My design sketch as of now is a cube measuring roughly...
  9. Astronuc

    The Cycling Thread

    We have various topical threads, e.g. The Food Thread, Best Songs Ever, How does your Garden grow?, etc, so I thought a cycling thread would be in order. This past summer, our family invested in some new bicycles for family cycling outings. We've frequented a local railtrail. I have a...
  10. P

    Secret Bookcase Door Switch - Help?

    Hey folks - Question. I'm working on a secret door disguised as a bookcase and I'm looking for some help from a curious and knowledgeable electrical engineer about a clever way to make the lock open. The desired effect is for the opener to touch two brass busts on the bookshelf...
  11. M

    Programming TI Products

    Hello guys, I am a little intrigued with TI's (Texas Instrument) line of products, especially the Bluetooth Low Energy chips that they have. I am working on a project (personal, not school) and all I need to do is program a TI CC2540 or CC2541 to control a basic DC motor (eventually, from an...
  12. M

    Phone Specs Advice?

    I want to upgrade my phone, but I'm not sure if it's worth the money. My main question is, does the processor speed make that much of a difference between my current phone (Samsung Galaxy Proclaim- 1GHz) and the new one (ZTE Majesty- 1.2 GHz)? Is it worth the switch? Both phones are from...
  13. G

    Best programming language for an EE?

    After some research it seems that C would be the best choice. But I also hear that it is better to learn C++ first, then transition to C. I am at the beginning of my college career so am not sure where I want to end up in EE, although I have started a list of projects that I can do in the...
  14. P

    Bluetooth transmission and FHSS

    Hi, In very simple terms am I correct in thinking that bluetooth uses FHSS during signal transmission which involves changing of the carrier frequency at set intervals, essentially allowing the signal to change channels within the 2.4GHz band? Thanks
  15. E

    How can i receive Bluetooth signal in tiny robot ?

    hi i wanna to create a small robot controlled by Bluetooth of cell phone but i wondered about how the robot can receive this signal ? what is the technique i should use in my tiny robot so i can control it ?
  16. J

    Help with power supply design for portable device

    I need help designing a power supply for a portable medical research device for animals. My problem is designing a configuration for multiple voltages with pcb size and power efficiency in mind. I need 3.3 V, +/- 1.5 V, and +/- 20 V. Below I’ve listed device info and estimated current...
  17. R

    Combine bluetooth transmitter in a school project

    hey im in 11th grade and im in a electorinc trend at school, we have to make a project for school and i want to combine bluetooth technology in it. i looked i looked Through the internet for guilding- how it is built, are there any protocols, how to use / transmit/recive - everything. so far i...
  18. S

    Bluetooth clothing chip

    I design consumer products and have just received a commission to build a piece of clothing that transmits sensor data to a smartphone. I'm looking for the best places to begin my research. Is there someone here that could help me? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  19. B

    How Many Bluetooth devices can be paired to iPhone 4S simultaneously?

    iPhone 4S comes with the latest Bluetooth Low Energy Module. By BLE Spec, the BLE module can be paired to more than multiple slaves/nodes simultaneously. I would like to know if 4S can be paired with multiple BLE enabled devices simultaneously? I am not sure if I have posted my query under...
  20. C

    At what radius can you send peer-to-peer text messages / SMS over ham radio ?

    at what radius can you send peer-to-peer text messages / SMS over "ham radio"? suppose we have lots of people concentrated in a small area, like a college campus. Maybe a mile or so in diameter. We would like to set up a packet switched peer-to-peer SMS transmission using low cost long wave...
  21. M

    Need to Build Two Circuits That Sense Proximity To Eachother

    Need to Build Two Circuits That "Sense" Proximity To Eachother Hi all, I am trying to build two circuits as part of an experiment that can "sense" proximity to one another. So basically, as they the two circuits get physically closer to each other (starting at a range of maybe 10-20ft), an...
  22. A

    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee?

    Is there any necessity at all to come up with one united standard? This is what I'm thinking: come up with a single standard, but with 3 mode: Wireless Cable mode: up to 1.5 meter, minimize the power consumption and radiation while providing excellent speed. PAN mode: with a maximum range...
  23. B

    Bluetooth Technology in Remote

    My knowledge in electronics is limited. In general, the television remote use IR for sending signals. I would like to know if the same signals can be transmitted using bluetooth. If so are there any disadvantages in using bluetooth technology in television remote? Regards
  24. E

    Ideas for wireless go cart

    I posted this in the other section but didn't seem to get any replies and thought this would be a better forum for this type of question. Looking to brainstorm a little. Looking for some EE's or anything related to share thoughts. Trying to come up with some ideas to incorporate into a...
  25. A

    Bluetooth components selection? Any already made devices?

    Bluetooth components selection? Any "already made" devices? Hi all, this is what I wanna get done: a device1 reads data from sensor using a parallel port, then send it to a device2. Here is what I can think of about device1, it should be a very small 8bit smp MCU controlling a com device...
  26. D

    Wireless microcontroller

    Hey everyone. I'm new on physics forums, and I have a project that I would appreciate some help... This project is to make a wireless fencing unit (olympic fencing, not like farming...) that can connect via usb or bluetooth into a smartphone to simplify the tools for local referees. So, I...
  27. E

    Need a good in-class note taking application

    Homework Statement I need to take notes in Physics class. I have an iPad and was wondering what apps would be good for the equations/drawing/note taking. I have a bluetooth keyboard to go with it, and am familiar with LaTex. 2. The attempt at a solution I have used Tex Touch but...
  28. B

    Hobby project - Bluetooth device

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my question. If it's not, I am kindly requesting some assistance as to which website/forum to go to. Here's my question: I'm a sophomore and I'm trying to do a side engineering project to put on my resume and maybe eventually turn it...
  29. T

    What's necessary for cordless keyboard & mouse?

    What do they communicate by? As in, do I need a bluetooth adaptor or will a b/g/n wireless adapter do? Also, do these things need proprietary drivers or will they work out of the box with Linux(Kubuntu)? The keyboard: Thanks for your time.
  30. C

    Wireless AV switch

    I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to make a simple switch that toggles between two different RCA audio inputs. I can do it easily with a physical switch but how can I do it remotely. Either from a remote or from my cell phone (so either IR, Bluetooth, or WiFi). I'd prefer using my...