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Our robot in action.

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    Last spring I worked with my daughters FIRST robotics team. We did not do so well in the regional competition last spring. But yesterday 25 Oct we were part of a informal competition held at OMSI in Portland. There were 16 teams from around the Willamette Valley competing. Due some bad luck on the part of other teams and some hard work on our part we managed to finish the day as a member of the first place team.

    Here is a video of our robot in action. We are # 1130.
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    I LOVE OMSI...

    This makes me wonder if my 8 year old cousin and his big kid of a dad were there. My cousin must go to OMSI like once a month...
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    Way cool, what are the specs?
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    The team a friend is part of won the First Robotics World Champs this year.
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    Wow, that looks like fun! Robot basketball! :biggrin:
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    Points are scored in the game by running laps (1pt/lap) "hurdling" the overpass (8pts) (in other words throwing the ball over the starting frame). You also got 12pts if you placed a ball back on the frame. You had to always move counter clockwise, if you passed over the lines under the overpass and at the ends of the court in the wrong direction points were lost.

    In the OMSI competition the court was much shorter then the regulation court so they ran teams of 2 instead of 3. Also at OMSI the overpass was 6'2" high, at regional last spring it was 6'6", that four inches was critical to some robots. It actually helped us. Others were tuned to a specific height and did not function so well.

    They really should have made some effort to get the overpass to the correct height, that is a critical feature of the game.
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    It looks great. I would love to work on projects like that.
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    you seriously have no idea how hard it is to think of that design. That wheel you see on our robot, was quite inventive, the traction pulls the ball to the robot, and then it uses an elevator to lift.
    The biggest flaw with our robot is that we rarely considered torque so when the robot holds that ten pound ball in the air, it looks like it is swaying back and forth.
    Can you believe that is how far we got with 30 students, 6 hours everyday for 6 weeks?
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    I am envious. My whole life I wanted to be part of something like this; but neither my grade school, high school, or university ever wanted anything at all to do with it.

    The Japanese and the West Coast States of the US have always seemed so much more in tune with cool science. What is wrong with New York and New Jersey? The damn transistor was invented here!
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    silicon valley FTW!
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