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Overwhelming the odds

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    Gave my first lecture today, almost passed out before it commenced. So many of the great professors were in the audience, amazing thing is, once it started i got caught up in the maths, the nerves just faded away.
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    Let's hope the math was all good. :tongue:
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    Always a nerve wrecking experience.
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    Well done!!!!

    Once you get into your comfort zone, you just seem to go on autopilot. Getting there is the hard part.
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    Great! What's the subject? What did your first lecture cover? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    It was on classical mechanics, started off with variational principles and the lagrangian formulation from which Newton's laws can be derived. Then a section of Noether's theorem where I proved the homogeneity of space and time implied conservation of momentum and energy respectively. This also led to some insight into a deeper underlying structure between space and time.

    Then it moved into sympletic geometry and the formulation of the Hamiltonian, next it was lorentz groups and rotations in R(3+1) and how the hyperbolic nature of space led to the fact that the speed of light is the cosmic speed limit.
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    Way cool. Wish I were there to hear it! :biggrin:
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    I know how that goes, for project presentations the hardest part is finding a place to start. Once you start its not that bad. What's bad is when you make a slight joke you think is funny, but no one else gets it... That's never fun.

    Awesome job though!
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