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News Pakistan's disgusting zardari

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    Dear Readers,

    There was a disastrous earthquake in my country in 2005 but we were struck with yet another calamity with Asif Zardari (widower of Benazir Bhutto) becoming the president. One of the most corrupt and dishonest persons earth might have ever produced......i just want to say that he has badly damaged education sector of the country . He has stopped almost all scholarships due to be paid to students for their studies and has stopped funding to government or defense organizations which were the main recruiters of fresh graduates. By now we engineers in Pakistan face severe and challenging job markets. All educated people in the country want to kill him somehow ....... universities hate him...He has billions of illegal dollars in the banks of switzerland but............
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    But what?
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    but he has no one to answer for his past.....tell me what should i do ..... i will an electrical engineer this june...a job less market....expensive higher education.....what must be the third way?
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    Sami, you have made a lot of claims without any citations. You need to provide reliable news sources or government data to support the assertions you are making.

    This article - http://chronicle.com/blogPost/Pakistan-Will-Increase/8498/ - for instance, seems to counter some of your accusations.

    Also, this seems to lack any context. Even if things are going bad now, they can hardly be a drop in the bucket compared to the situation around 1980, when Zia came to power, and the army marched into college campuses.
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    I appreciate your comments Mr Gokul........but emotions need no proof... although i think along the same line as you.....
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    To be fair, the article you cited was about what the president said he was going to do.

    Sami, perhaps you could provide a link about funding cuts? Even foreign language articles can be translated with google these days.
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    http://www.hec.gov.pk/InsideHEC/Divisions/HRD/Scholarships/Pages/Scholarships.aspx [Broken]

    I'm pretty sure this website used to list many scholarships...
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    Emotions always need proof, otherwise they will misguide us. The hype and panic surrounding the 2012 end of the world nonsense is evidence of that.
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    However, there are rules for starting threads in this forum: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=113181 [Broken]

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    I think he meant along the lines of "so and so is dishonest, a bad president, has ruined the economy, etc, etc." These are more or less subjective opinions. Things like budget cuts are factual statements that are either true or false. You could argue that a term like "dishonest" is absolutely true or false, but I think there are so many shades of meaning there that it doesn't fit into a true/false dichotomy the way specific fiscal policies do.
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    Wow! That does look pretty bizarre!
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    mr gokul all these scholarships are obsolete by the way........
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    Mr Gokul you seem to have nothing important to do in your life..i am Pakistani and i know really well the state of affairs in my country.....
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    ...that statement kind of summarizes what may also be considered a big problem in Pakistan.
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    i understand how you feel brother as i am a pakistani my self but the above statement was not very smart see pakistani have acquired a bad image already because of the terrorism in the country and that statement of yours will only make things worst and why would you discuss this matter here how do you think this will help????
    and you think after some one kills him thing will be ok ?
    just keep faith in ALLAH cursing some one else never makes things easy for you.
    zor-e- bazoo azma na gila kar sayyad say
    aj tak koi qafas toota nahi faryad say.....
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    In similar situations, other politicians go running back to their countries. Last time, was it Ahmadinejad who was in Russia when protests were getting out of hands?
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    hey guys i just heard that zardari joined the ''get hit by a shoe club'' in England by some pakistani i guess but the reports are not confirmed
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