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Paris' Law Coefficients for Steel

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    I've recently completed a fatigue lab for a CT specimen of steel, and I wanted to compare my computed values of Paris' Law coefficients with previously published data for error analysis. Does anyone know where I can find the values for C and m? Repeated Google searches have born me no fruit. It doesn't matter what type of steel alloy as we were never given any information in regards to what type of steel we were working with. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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    Persistence always pays off. Here's a link to a study done by MIT with the Paris' Law coefficients on page 7, just in case anyone needs it for future reference. :smile:

    http://ocw.mit.edu/NR/rdonlyres/Materials-Science-and-Engineering/3-11Mechanics-of-MaterialsFall1999/Modules/fatigue.pdf" [Broken]
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    Thanks! I was looking for the same thing. I wonder if we're in the same class...haha
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