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Particle Accelerator & Energy Consumption

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    How much energy is a accelerator using when keeping particles orbits (by constant speed):

    for example:

    2.99999997 E8 m/s (or topspeed)
    2.98000000 E8 m/s
    2.97000000 E8 m/s
    2.80000000 E8 m/s

    Please mention the energy consumption in % relative to the top-speed (I believe it is - 2.99999997 m/s) or in MW relative to the numbers of particles in orbit.
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    For stored protons and anti-protons (~1 x 1013 of each) at Fermilab, they radiate a few milliwatts even at 980 GeV in the 6.28 kilometer circumference orbit. The superconducting magnets have resistive losses only in the connections between them (a few nano ohms per connection at 4000 amps). Keeping the magnets at 4 kelvin took lots of liquid helium cooling. Producing anti-protons took a lot more. For electrons, running LEP (the former large electron proton collider at CERN) with a 26 kilometer circumference, at full energy the accelerator used roughly the same amount of power as the entire city of Geneva (I think).
    Bob S
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