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Particle-in-cell method vs. PM/PPPM methods

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    I'm doing a paper on the particle-in-cell method, which was designed by Harlow and Evans in the mid 50s. But i'm reading Hockney and Eastwood's book Computer Simulation Using Particles in which they describe their models, and term them PP (particle-particle), PM (particle-mesh), and PPPM (particle-particle - particle-mesh). they also refer to the PIC in the book a couple of times, but in principle i don't see how their workings are different. could someone please explain why and how they're different?
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    I would classify PIC as a PM method. I'm not sure there are significant differences. PPPM however is quite different, as direct particle-particle interactions are also considered for nearby particles.
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    Thanks for your reply! I see what you mean between PPPM and PIC beind different. Thanks for the help!
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