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PDE Introductory Text Suggestions?

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm a rising junior scheduled to take a Methods of Mathematical Physics class this coming fall. I've heard that this class utilizes a lot of partial differential equations, and I'd like to get a bit of a jumpstart and familiarize myself with some concepts before the semester starts... Are there any really good introductory texts out there for PDE's? My only background so far with any sort of differential equations comes from an Ordinary Differential Equations course I took this past semester (with the Boyce and DiPrima textbook). So any suggestions for helpful texts to ease me into learning PDE's would be great!

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    Dr Transport

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    Also check out:

    PDE with Fourier and boundary value problems by Asmar
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    Haberman's book works great for me. It's easy to follow. In particular, I like the way he explains how to conver non-homogeneous BCs or PDEs to homogeneous ones. The introduction to Green's function is decent but maybe too simple to tackle real problems. Highly recommended for starters.
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    Haberman's text is OK, though it lacks rigor.
    Partial Differential Equations by Fritz John is pretty good.
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