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Peltier Cooler connected to Power Supply, is this configuration safe?

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    I am building a Peltier Cooler with the circuit diagram below. The power supply will be a battery, but for testing purposes I am connecting it to a stationary power supply.


    I suspect that the peltier coolers which are rated at 30A will draw as much current and power as possible once I switch the power supply on, potentially destroying the supply itself even though I do not intend to deliver anything above 10 A. Are my fears warranted? I prefer not to try my luck as the power supply costs a fortune to replace.

    Thanks in advance.
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    ➤ Some power supplies have a current limiter so you can set the max current.

    ➤ Do you have manufacturer's technical data that indicates how many volts the Peltier devices need for 10A?
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    You have the coolers in series, so each will get 3.5 volts maximum.

    You can estimate the resistance of the cells by working out the resistance under full power.

    R = E / I so R = 14 volts/ 30 amps = 0.4 ohms. (This is just an estimate because these devices may not be linear. I tried a lower powered Peltier and it was linear, though.)

    So, if you just put 4 of these in series across 14 volts, you would get a current of 14 volts / (4 * 0.4 ohms) or 8.75 amps. So, the current switched by the MosFet should be less than this.
    Much less than their 30 amp rating.
    So, the Peltiers should be OK.
    You could put a 10 amp fuse in series with the Peltiers to make sure the power supply is not overloaded.

    Your symbol is for a NPN transistor.

    Peltier devices get hot on one side and cold on the other side, so you have to have a heatsink on the hot side to carry the heat away.
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