What is Peltier: Definition and 46 Discussions

Peltier is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Autumn Peltier (born 2004), climate activist
Harvey Peltier, Jr. (1923-1980), American politician
Harvey Peltier, Sr. (1899-1977), American politician
Jean Charles Athanase Peltier (1785–1845), French physicist, documented the Peltier effect
Lee Peltier (born 1986), English football player
Leonard Peltier (born 1944), Native American activist who was convicted of the murder of two FBI Agents
Leslie Peltier (1900–1980), American astronomer
Thérèse Peltier (1873–1926), French sculptor and aviator
William Richard Peltier (born 1943), University of Toronto professor and physicist

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  1. askingask

    Peltier cell in series both electrically and thermally

    So here you can see the basics behind a thermocouple. What people usually do, is that they connect these junctions electrically in series and thermally in parallel. Now another thing people do is cascading several peltier modules. Now my thought was, why not connect them electrically...
  2. fsonnichsen

    I Can adding a second peltier cooler help lower temperatures even further?

    I am using a small peltier cooler (fan on cold side, water cooled on hot side) to lower the temperature of an insulated box. I use this for testing the temperature drift of optical devices. I can get temperatures down to about 10deg C with this but was hoping for around 2deg. My question...
  3. Bill McC

    B Heat Pumps And The Peltier Effect

    I had seen a few topics from this forum while searching for information on the temperature differential possible in a reverse polarity thermocouple junction. I was reading some of the replies and I am wondering if the heat pump is understood. It uses a refrigerant that can be anything that...
  4. J

    Appliances Peltier based mini air conditioner not working

    Hi guys I am not certified engineer but I watched many videos to make home based mini air conditioners using Peltier module. So I decided to try this as experiment. My plan is if this small test project works well then I will proper mini a/c (for my small 10x10 feet office or at least for my...
  5. H

    How many Peltier elements can I use in my power outlet?

    Hi! I want to build some cooling with peltier elements. At home I get 230V from power outlet and the maximum allowed power consumption is 15A. However, when I look at peltier elements at online store I notice that amps go up fast. Like some 12V 180W peltier is already 15A. Does this mean that I...
  6. ZiHao

    Voltage Booster for Peltier Tiles

    Hi all, I am planning to install two Peltier tiles( TEC-12706 ) to an electric toothbrush which runs solely on the heat of human hand. I have tested the tile and it can generate about 150 millivolts, which is not sufficient to power a 12V DC electric motor. I think I should get a transformer or...
  7. ZiHao

    How and Why Peltier Tiles work?

    The thing I knew about Peltier Tiles is that when there is a temperature difference, it generates electricity, and the bigger the tempreature difference, the greater the power you will get. But why it works? Basically, I have partnered with three other friends to participate in a science contest...
  8. C

    I High Efficeincy Peltier Coolers

    A company claims to have developed Peltier coolers that are 55% efficient by using a hard vacuum as the separate zone between cold and hot. . I can´t get them to respond to me. Is it a scam? If these devices actually work why haven´t we seen any in consumer devices?
  9. T

    MATLAB Arduino-MATLAB communication using SerialEvent() for PID Loop

    Hello, I have an arduino code for driving a peltier pile to a given set point (TEMP_SP). I am trying to input the set temperature from Matlab GUI (with different protocols, user will enter n temperatures and the time intervals, arduino will implement the PID controller and output the...
  10. J

    Using Peltier Plates for heating

    I know that peltier plates are for cooling(mostly :smile:) but I wish to try out heating other substances using peltier plates. I'm planning to use 3 peltier plates (TEC1-12712) [maximum temperature difference of 70 degrees measured at 25 degrees / Maximum temperature difference of 80 degrees...
  11. sophiecentaur

    Which is the best fan for my wood burning stove: Peltier or Stirling?

    I am having a wood burning stove installed soon. I am wondering which would be better, to put on the top and aid room circulation, an electric fan, powered from a Peltier junction or one using a Stirling Engine. Does anyone have any ideas or experience about this? I wouldn't expect 'efficiency'...
  12. J

    How Can I Boost 55mV from a Peltier to 3V?

    I have a Peltier cooler and with the temperatures that I am using on either side, I am getting ~55mv. These temps cannot be changed however and I need the right step up so I can be getting about 3V's out of it, any links and info will be greatly appreciated!
  13. Dvorak

    Can You DIY Peltier Plates with Low-Cost Materials?

    Hey how can we make peltier tiles or plates at home with some less costing materials. Please explain with pictures. Thanks in advance!
  14. ugi_89

    Temperature controlling system with peltier battery?

    Hello everyone! I have a thesis to design a temperature stabilizing(controlling) system for solar cells.I need to use 12V Peltier battery and a simple pc fan.Any further help is appreciated.
  15. E

    Engineering Cooling Integrated Circuits with Peltier Cells

    Homework Statement Hi all, I have a question about using peltier cells for both cooling and reading temperature in the same moment. I need to cool down a couple of Integrated Circuits so I'll put put a 20mmx20mm peltier cell over them but I cannot read the cold side of the cell because it's...
  16. D

    What are alternatives to peltier tiles?

    Are there any alternatives? That are not straight up industrial of course. Please leave me your suggestions!
  17. M

    Peltier cooler- thermodynamics

    Im working on a project for fun using a peltier cooler. A tec1-12706. If i am operating the peltier at 9v, 6.4 amps of current and dt =45ºC (from datasheet) and bring its cold side in contact with a body at 33ºC for 10 seconds. Keeping hot side at 27ºC(cold side =-18) using sink, what will be...
  18. S

    How many types of Peltier plates are there?

    I need to get a Peltier tile/plate for one of my projects and I got really confused when deciding between them based on No. codes on it, as they're all similar in dimension. Like for example, I was looking for 4cmx4cm Peltier plate, and I found myself getting confused when there were choices...
  19. J

    Peltier cooler advice 200c to 60c is it possible?

    Hi all, Does anyone on here have experience with Peltier coolers? I have a surface 3.5 by 1 inch that is heated to 200c when current is ran through it as part of a cycle. When the current is off i need to be able to cool the surface faster than leaving it to cool in ambient temperatures...
  20. Quarlep

    Creating a Portable Peltier Cooler: Battery Circuit Guide and Diagram

    Homework Statement I have a project homework about peltier cooler.I want to make it portable.So I have to use bateries.But I don't how to make a battery circuit.There wil be two computer fan which they works with power supply and one peltier.Can you help me to make a batttery circuit you can...
  21. A

    Lead in Thermoelectric Series: Seebeck, Peltier & More

    In thermoelectric series, lead is arranged in the middle and other metals arranged both on the left and right hand side of lead. Lead does not exhibit Thomson effect. If you take a metal on the left of lead and another metal on its right, the thermo electric current flows according to certain...
  22. Z

    How can I power a Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler

    Hi I recently purchased a small (15mmx15mm) Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater. I am using this for a prototype of mine but I can't find a way to power it. The specs are 1Amp 0.8Volts. I was just wondering if anyone knew where to find a power supply (DC) to power it. I could also use...
  23. M

    Is PWM for control of Peltier Element logical?

    I'm making a circuit to control the temperature of a peltier element, and I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way that will actually work over the long term, and not burn out my components fast. At first I wanted to just use standard power regulation to control the power to the element and...
  24. F

    Cloud Chamber Using Peltier Coolers

    Hello All! Does anyone have a good design for a Cloud Chamber using Peltier Coolers? I'm wanting to build a chamber that will be able to pick up cosmic rays/background radiation, that will be a bit more professional than a Tupperware container sitting on dry ice. Does anyone have a good design...
  25. K

    Can a Peltier Work Against 315 Watts Heat Load? Graphs Inside!

    I'm planning to work on a water cooling device for physiotherapy using a peltier. For this, I should be able to cool 500 g of water at a temperature of 35°C to 18° C. This gives me a heat load of 315 Watts if I take time to be 3 mins. Is it possible for a peltier to work against such a...
  26. N

    Peltier Project: Increasing Performance w/ 50% PWM & Alternating Circuits

    Peltier Project: 50% PWM --> alternate circuit switching for increased performance? Hi all, I have a project where I am making a drink cooler device using four peltier devices which can draw up to 30amps or 24 volts each. we are considering battery power (pretty ridiculous but anyway..) and...
  27. Link

    Peltier Cooler connected to Power Supply, is this configuration safe?

    I am building a Peltier Cooler with the circuit diagram below. The power supply will be a battery, but for testing purposes I am connecting it to a stationary power supply. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10419947/circuit.png I suspect that the peltier coolers which are rated at 30A will draw as...
  28. A

    Finding the temperature of a box cooled by a peltier device

    Homework Statement I need to find the temperature of the air in a sealed box after 15minutes, that has been cooled by a Peltier device. The set up is as follows: The peltier device is between 2 aluminium blocks of the same Area but depth of 1cm. The aluminium block that is receiving heat...
  29. P

    Is it possible to convert heat to electricity using Peltier Module?

    I need to know because i need a chip that is a conductor and absorbs heat then converts it to electricity.
  30. R

    Peltier minimum temparature to work

    Dear Experts, I like to check with you, is there a minimum temperature for a peltier thermal couple to start generating electricity? I tried putting a peltier on a stove which i was using to cook some food. There is no fire on the stove but its very hot. I place the hot side of the...
  31. W

    Electrical DIY - Thermoelectric Peltier Seebeck Thermocouple?

    I'm trying to build a DIY working model of TEG/TEC generator similar to the exhaust pipe designs that recover energy from extremely hot exhaust pipe or light those antique candle powered radios. I have 400 (1 inch) pieces of copper wire and 400 (1 inch) pieces of paper clip steel wire. I will...
  32. K

    Peltier heat conductance concept question (PID)

    Hey, I am making a cooling system using a peltier junction with a cold finger on one side and a heat sink on the other. For my heat sink, I am depositing the heat into the phase change of a bismuth alloy (about 70 deg C). When the current across the peltier is increased and the hot side...
  33. K

    Seeking Thermal Insulator & Electrical Insulator for Peltier Device

    Hey all, I'm using a peltier device for a cooling system I'm working on. The metal leads connecting the peltier to a power source keep falling off. I am looking to coat them with epoxy that must be a thermal insulator. It also MUST be an electrical insulator. The problem I've had is that...
  34. K

    What heat sink is best for a peltier cooling device?

    Hey all, I am trying to construct a peltier device where the 'cold side' can cool down to about 10 degrees C. I want to be able to run the device for upwards of 30 minutes but I am not sure what heat sink to use to remove the heat from the hot side. Any suggestions on what heat sink to...
  35. J

    Does anyone know the type of ceramic used in a Peltier device?

    hi, with reference to my last post on oct 21, https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=2951801#post2951801 would anyone be able to tell me what the actual name or specification of the ceramic used in a peltier? Cheers, John.
  36. J

    Need Peltier Devices? John is Looking for Help!

    Peltier Devices Wanted! Hi, I am a mechanical engineering student using Peltier units in my dissertation work. I am looking for any burned out Peliters' there might be lying around in labs or workshops. The idea behind this is to 'open it up' by machining away part of one ceramic surface to...
  37. russ_watters

    Peltier Temperature Controller

    Yesterday, I tested a peltier thermoelectric cooler ghett-rigged onto my telescope CCD camera (pic attached) and was pleased with the results, so I want to make a more permanent/user friendly solution. Besides some obvious mechanical and thermodynamic needs, I also need a controller. I did...
  38. C

    Peltier Cooling: Heat Transfer & Electron Theory

    When the heat gets transferred to one side and the other side gets cold , what causes this cooling effect , why does the heat go from one side to the other on the different metals , does this have something to do with the electrons.
  39. Ahmed Abdullah

    Does peltier effect account for lose of voltage of the cell?

    The Peltier effect is the reverse of the Seebeck effect; a creation of a heat difference (between two joint) from an electric voltage. This temperature difference gives rise to a seebeck voltage which is opposite to the voltage of the cell. So we can resonably conclude that it can contribute...
  40. J

    Peltier Cell Help: Exploring 92W vs. 38W Efficiency

    A while back, I purchased a 38W peltier cell on ebay. It wasn't powerful enough, so I'm looking at something along the lines of a 92W. I noticed, however that my 38W and the 92W have the same dimensions and the same number of junctions. Also, dT of the 92W is only 1 degree C above the 38W...
  41. E

    Where to Buy Peltier Cells Online - Get Help Now!

    Hi everyone I need to know where can I buy Peltier cells in internet. can someone help me? Thank in advance
  42. Mk

    What is a Peltier Coefficient?

    What is a Peltier Coefficient? \dot{Q} = \Pi_{AB} I = \left( \Pi_B - \Pi_A \right) I where \Pi_{AB} is the coefficent of the thermocouple, and \Pi_B and \Pi_A are the coefficient of each material.
  43. Mk

    Peltier Junction Heats, Doesn't Cool

    I have a peltier junction rated at 12V and when ran both sides become hot, what's wrong?
  44. russ_watters

    Exploring Peltier Devices: Powering and Control

    Just to grab your attention, check http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~arnesen/peltierbeer/ out. This man is my new god. Anyway, the real purpose of this thread is to discuss how to play with a peltier device without burning my apartment down. I have ordered a 40mm, 110w (15V/10A) peltier from Ebay...
  45. P

    Understanding the Physics of Peltier Junctions

    What's the physics behind a Peltier (sp?) Junction. I know what it does, but I'm not quite confident how it works. Paden Roder
  46. ShawnD

    Peltier Effect and Diodes: How Does it Work Both Ways?

    The Peltier Effect is when the temperature of a P-N semiconductor interface increases or decreases in temperature due to the current flowing through the interface. The temperature change due to the Peltier Effect is dependant on which way the electrons are flowing. What I want to know is how...