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Percent of grade

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    I hope a message board of this caliber can help me.

    Here is my problem. How does one measure a percent of grade? Specifically in a ratio or in a liner measurement how would I know what a 5% grade is? I need to ensure a field is within 5%, is that so many inches out of level in a foot, yard, or mile?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    % grade is calculated by comparing vertical rise to horizontal run. Imagine walking 100 feet horizontally while gaining 5 feet vertically; 5 feet is 5% of 100 feet, so the grade is 5%.

    - Warren
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    James R

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    In other words, if you measure the height rise h over a horizontal distance d, then the grade is h/d. If you want a percentage, multiply this number by 100.

    For example, if the field rises 1 foot over a 20 foot horizontal distance, the grade is 1 in 20, or 1/20. The percentage grade is 1/20 multiplied by 100, which is 5%.
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    5% of a foot is 5% of 12 in= 0.6 inches.

    5% of a yard is 5% of 36 in= 1.8 inches (exactly 3 times 0.6 since a yard is 3 feet).

    5% of a mile is 5% of 5280 ft so 5280(0.6)= 3168 in.= 264 ft= 88 yards.
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    So, a 100% grade is 45 degrees?
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    That's right.
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    I knew this was the right place to ask!! Thank you all very much.
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