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Personal statement critique?

  1. Jan 3, 2014 #1
    Its still a work in progress, but I could use some help via critiques.

    I am a physics major at Stony Brook University with an expected graduation in the fall of 2014. I plan on building a career that focuses on electronics and optics. Stony Brook University’s exceptional optics program has shown me how vast and dynamic the applications can be. I wish to pursue research and/or engineering as a career and my hope is that an opportunity to partake in an REU will assist me in this.

    Since attending Stony Brook, I have become more familiar with some of the tools necessary to be of use to a industry professional. Aside from the theory, I have become experienced in LaTeX, MapleSoft Maple, as well as some of the laboratory tools utilized in undergraduate lab courses such as oscilloscopes, interferometers, and optical instruments. I also have a beginner’s knowledge in the Fortran programming language.

    While attending college I also maintain a job at a local gas station. The affiliated automotive center allows me to participate in minor vehicle repairs and maintenance such as tire repairs and oil changes. This simple mechanical experience allows for some technical ability which has great value in the lab.

    In order to prepare myself for a PhD program I need some REU experience. I have toured Brookhaven National Labs Heavy Ion Collider as well as the National Synchrotron Light Source and those experiences embodied the capability of physics and its real world application. To experience first hand the scale upon which the experiments are conducted was astonishing.

    I did not take a traditional path of a physics major. In high school I was actually a fine art and graphic design enthusiast. I tailored my studies to focus on computer graphics and fine arts. And upon graduation I attended New York Institute of Technology. Following a year of study in the computer graphics field, I decided that it was not as stimulating as I anticipated. I eventually transferred to Nassau Community College as a liberal arts major. That gave me the opportunity to explore other programs of study. It was there that I discovered my interest in physics and its influence in everyday life.

    Although my primary focus has changed from art to physics, I still retain many skills from art, which are compatible in the field of physics. As an artist the ability to visualize your design, organize your approach, and then having the patience and control of your medium to bring that design to life is comparable to applying physics knowledge to design experiments as well as technology. The dexterity that comes from using the fine tools is also applicable as to construct and calibrate equipment may require the use of tools.
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