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PF page messed up

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    Since about yesterday 16:00 GMT when i enter PF page via IE 11.0.9600.17420 the page seems messed up, like that the IE 11 cannot parse the html code correctly or i dont know what exactly. Maybe i changed some setting in IE and i didnt notice. I ve trouble writing this message as well. I hope you can help me out. Send me an email if possible with what is happening. Other pages i use to visit like for example wolfram seem ok, it just the PF pages that goes wrong.
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    Everything back to normal now, Saturday 10:45 GMT. I guess admins did some sort of rollback.
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    We updated the web server yesterday morning and rolled back to the old version after these types of reports.
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    Uh huh. You've been rolling around in the server again, haven't you. I've TOLD you to stop that !
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