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PF’s Mega Maze

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    It’s been more than two years since I’m member here on PF. At first I only had a hunch that something’s not right with the traditional physics but, now I’m sure and I know exactly the reason for it. It’s Newton’s mechanics being incompatible with the law of lever. Nowadays you cannot publish something not based on something else previously accepted by the authorities. My question is: How Newton managed to publish his mechanics though it’s against the physics of lever accepted years before Newton’s time? Because today’s physics starts with Newton’s mechanics instead of the law of lever it’s entirely wrong.

    It seems that PF is a Mega Maze where folks with revolutionary ideas end up lost in the effort to get to the public opinion and remedy it. PF is Mega Maze where folks like me end up fighting windmills. What’s the point of PF any way? Talk, talk, just talk and do nothing. I think I had enough of it. But before I leave I want you all to make my time and money spent here worthy a while. I want those of you experienced in publishing to help me compose solid undeniable scientific paper and submit it in some physics journal. Lets do finally something that matters. Make my effort finally effective.
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    Well I never enjoy seeing anyone depart from PF, however those who do usually find themselves back after a little break. :smile:

    I think your being a little nieve to think PF is just pointless rhetoric. Checkout the homework help forums and you'll see how much PF makes a difference. PF isn't just about advancing or creating a new theory, that isn't our main focus. PF is an equal consideration community to express and develop values, beliefs and attitudes. This is done both scientificly, socially, and culturally. Now if you want to start a thread on seriously developing a new rocket ship by all means go ahead and best of luck to you if that makes you feel like your time here is more worthwhile.
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    I take it all back. I got carried away by the impulse I had at that time.
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    I have some strong feelings about your post, Deda. As I see it, making new science seems to be the privilige of academic people, who learned how to fit into the system. You can toy with ideas but in the end it is business as usual.

    in the old days, being young and wild, I decided a long time ago to trade the "dull" world of the university for the wild blue younder and hence spend some 25 years in the cockpit of fighter aircraft. But after such a carreer you're chanceless if you have some unusual ideas if you are just a John Doe.

    Take for instance my Venus thread. It's nice to see that there is not a single post suggesting that it is baloney and we even scored:
    (Brad ad23)

    Nice and thanks, but that's it. what now? It yells to be publizised if we agree that it could have been possible. I can write it but nobody will read it since I'm a nobody. So how about some suggestions, help even? I would be happy being the last one in the row of an impressive array of PhD authors for that paper.

    But who wants a major paradigm shift.

    Anyway I'll keep being a happy poster :smile:
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    Think of PF as a preliminary peer review. We have a lot of great & knowledgeable members who can help you think about & refine your ideas in new ways. Do your best to get your article published. Greg publishes worthwhile articles from PF members at Physics Post (http://www.physicspost.com/)...that may not make you famous, but it's a start. Then send the article to professional astronomers in the field (e.g., planetary scientists at various universities). They may or may not review it. But if the idea is good, then someone may catch onto it. I seriously doubt they'd steal the idea, especially if you had it published already. Don't expect to start the next scientific revolution (only a tiny, tiny fraction of scientists have had that honor), but maybe you can contribute a piece to the overall body of scientific knowledge.
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    Thanx Phobos, now publising something as http://home.wanadoo.nl/bijkerk/Laurentian%20ice%20sheet%20on%20greenland.htm [Broken] (references will be added) is perhaps a minor subject with a limited extent but proposing that "terrestial planets like Venus and Earth may (have) come to a screaming halt due to a build-in design flaw (al et Andre)" cannot hardly be considered as something insignificant. So it seems to be either rubbish or implies a paradigm shift, I should say.

    Stealing ideas is not done and not a factor. Everybody can see who who posted what.

    NB Fig 1 went wrong in the first link. It is http://home.wanadoo.nl/bijkerk/gisp-vostok.GIF [Broken]
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