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Ph.D without masters degree

  1. Nov 24, 2009 #1
    Hi guys, i currently graduated from Northumbria University, which i know is not an excellent university, but somehow i got reasonably good grade, i have applied directly into Ph.D, will there be any problem for my future carrier if i pursue my Ph.D without completing masters?

    And i think i will be getting into Ph.D in Optical Communication, is there good future for this particular field?

    Please advise...thank you.
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    Many PhD programs will admit you with a bachelors degree, but they will have you take the masters coursework (and maybe do a masters thesis and/or pass a qualifying exam) before proceeding to the PhD work. Some programs will award you a masters after you've done all that, some won't, but you'll get doing the masters work either way. You can't skip that.
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    Hi eri, thanks for the quick reply. I understand the concept now. Anyway how is the demand for Optics field?
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