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Programs Phd in photonics

  1. Apr 14, 2012 #1
    I have a few queries related to Phd in photonics from USA:

    1)Which are the best universities in photonics?

    2)How long will it take for obtaining a doctoral degree in USA for international students?

    3)I have a dream to do Phd in photonics after obtaining Mtech in photonics here in India.

    4)Also could you provide with me the cost for taking Phd in USA for international students.

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    I also major in photonics, here are some of the info that may or may not be helpful...
    not too sure about that, i recently went to a seminar on silicon photonics hosted by a postdoc from southampton (UK), she said a lot of their fibres are from penn state, so there is one you can look into. Other ones I think (judging from where the authors of my textbooks are working at) are caltech, rochester. there are many others I suggest having a look around at sites like fulbright to look for more.
    i don't think there is a difference in terms of duration for international students. generally 3+ years I believe
    I'm not sure what the questions is....
    varies quite a bit from college to college. I would say around 20-40k a year in tuition
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    "3)I have a dream to do Phd in photonics after obtaining Mtech in photonics here in India."

    I am sorry that was not a question.

    And thank you so much for providing me with the information wukunlin!!!

    I have also one more question, is it possible to do part time job during Phd, if I were to come US for Phd?
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    i'm not doing a phd at the moment and I'm not studying in US so I only know from other people.

    working while doing phd is possible by not recommended considering the amount of time required for phd work (although a lot of phd students are teaching assistants in the department). Some supervisors have the habit of giving a lot of work not related to your thesis which further diminishes the time you have for a part time job.
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