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PHP and sessions question

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    Math Is Hard

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    I'm a little confused about how PHP's session_start() function works.
    There's a tutorial I am reading here: http://www.tizag.com/phpT/phpsessions.php

    Here's an example they give of a counter script:

    Code (Text):
        $_SESSION['views'] = $_SESSION['views']+ 1;
        $_SESSION['views'] = 1;

    echo "views = ". $_SESSION['views'];
    It seems like every time I call this PHP script from a new page, a new session will start, because the first line is:


    Does PHP ignore this function if a session exists?

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    You have to call session_start() at each page. If no session is started yet, this will start a new session (i.e. write a cookie with the session ID). I believe that if you already have a session running, this will load the variables into $_SESSION so you can access them.

    So basically, session_start() is needed if you want to stay in the same session, if you don't call it you will get a new session all the time (or your variables just won't get stored, which is effectively the same).

    In short: I Don't know how it works exactly, just use it :smile:
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    Math Is Hard

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    Thanks, CompuChip! :smile:
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