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Physics behind the internet

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    Hi all,

    First all I am new here so if this is in the wrong spot I am sorry. I need to do an assignment for school about physics in relation to a technology, I choose the internet. The only problem is that I am not sure the information I got is correct or even enough. I've got stuff about how computers are able to reach each other over the internet but I don't know where to find any stuff about what waves the internet uses/emr's etc. If anyone knew any websites or even books that will explain it clearly that would be a great help!

    Thank you all in advance, Kroose65
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    Kroose65, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    Have you used Google with the search terms "how does the internet function" yet? I did and got tons of sites explaining exactly what you have asked.

    We have a saying here: "Google is you friend" It is a saying here because it contains a big truth. Learn to use Googel and Wikipedia, they are both your friends. Let us know if you have questions or doubts about what you find there. We here at PF are ready and willing to assist you along your journey.
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    The internet is pretty far away from pure physics I'd say.

    The internet is information. That information exists in various forms while travelling or stored: as light, as magnetism, as radiowaves or as voltage.

    You could shortly explain each of these phenomenoi or narrow it down to a single subject, like magnetic storage.
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    Hulkiedulkie, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    I respectfully disagree with the statement that light, magnetism, radiowaves, voltage and magnetic storage are "pretty far away from pure physics". It seems to me those things form a large and important part of pure physics. How the internet functions depends completely on those kinds of phenomena.

    You are correct that the internet is a source of information. We have never had such a source before!

    Cheers, Bobbywhy
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    Thanks guys, I will have a go now!
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