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Physics books for self study!

  1. Apr 26, 2014 #1
    Hello. I am an MD but Physics excites me. Interested in Physics, I want to self study the subject from the beginning so that I can come to grips with the subject. I have a sound mathematical background and I know I can study myself but help regarding books would be appreciated. So please anyone? Would like to know the best books for undergraduate level for Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics,Statistical Mechanics,General Relativity, Particle Physics, and so on. Thank you.
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    Science Textbook discussion have the list of books for Undergraduate level Physics.

    Anyway go with Kleppner Mechanics, Purcell Electromagnetism.
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    Hi Syed.

    We've got a textbook listing section on the forum:

    There's plenty of threads asking the same question as yours, and good discussions on the merits and prerequisites of many good textbooks(look through the sub-sections).
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    Books for self study!

    Thank you. Much appreciated. :) I see Goldstein, Sakurai, and Griffiths there in particular.
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    Books for self study!

    Thanks a lot. :) Yes, just checked the textbook listings. Thank you. So the one you mentioned is better than the likes of Goldstein or Taylor for Classical Mechanics?
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    If the opinions of the forum members are to be believed, you can't do better than Kleppner and Purcell.
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    @Bandersnatch Klepner and Purcell it is then. Thanks a mighty. :)
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