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Physics graduates that take teaching jobs, and later move on...

  1. Aug 10, 2017 #1
    Hi all! It's my first message. I am Nice to meet you! I would like your thoughts about the fact that many physics teachers leave profession during the first 5 years of teaching in UK mostly due to low income. What kind of jobs do you believe those physics graduates (who started their career in teaching) will pursue after leaving teaching and what skills are needed ? Is there anyone here , that left teaching for something else? Thanks in advance!
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    I'm in the US. I taught for one semester between Masters and my career change - I thought I would teach for more, but got very lucky with a quick job offer. I think this meets the requirements you mention, but barely.

    I switched from teaching into actuarial work. Since I'm in the US, the process of becoming an actuary is different than it is for you in the UK. However, I think it may still be a path of interest. After 7 years in actuarial work I switched to decision science.
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    I am a (retired) engineering Professor in the US. I have switched back and forth between industry, consulting, and teaching quite a few times. It is not a very good way to get to the top (although was a full prof with tenure), but it has been fun and very, very interesting. I'm quite sure that I am a much better teacher after the industrial experience than I was before. Every new industrial experience gave me quite a few new insights (I was never in the same industry twice), and I bring all of that to the classroom.
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    Thanks alot for the replies.
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