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Homework Help: Physics homework help (one question)

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    I have been having trouble with this one problem... If you could supply me with an answer and possibly a brief description of your methods I would be infinately in your debt:

    A bus travels 320 km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 96 km/h to the south. The bus stops for 25 min, then it travels 230 km south with an average velocity of 70 km/h to the south. What is the average velocity for the total trip? Answer in units of km/h.

    Thanks in advance
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    Note: i might be wrong (lol)

    first i would add up the times.. so time = distance/velocity. and time for the 25 minutes = 25/60.

    and then add up all the distances..

    and then average velocity = total distance/ total time.

    hope this was helpful!

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    thank you amy, I am retarted... I love you
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