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Physics internship/gudiance for engineering Sophomore

  1. Dec 30, 2012 #1
    hi people !
    well am one of those lame indian student who took engineering undergrad course with immense interest in theoretical physics. but that was due to parental pressure. okay leaving these behind, i want to peruse my career either in teaching physics or as a researcher. doing my undergrad course, i am also covering all the major parts in phy that one would skill when in undergrad phy school side by side. i am now currently studying General relativity and would like to go on further in it. i am now equipped with basic tools required for higher physics like calculus vectors DE and stuffs and reading tensor and matrices now.

    i would like to know the various intern opportunities that would be available for me both inside and outside india in physics lane that would help me gain more knowledge. and what would be the procedure to apply for it. and since am not doing a phy course , for the reference letters will it be sufficient to provide it from my own non-phy prof ?

    Apart from it i would love to learn GR from any prof inside india in a much more deep sense. would it possible for me to study under some prof/university inside or outside india as an intern or student. if so please guide me as to how to do it as i badly want to understand the beauty of GR.

    and also people generally say that a good project is a requisite while applying for foreign universities. what kind of requisite does one need in perusing theoretical physics in his masters course or rather what should i do/prepare now (while doing engineering) to get a masters course in physics in an university.
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