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Physics/math keyboard for android app

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    Does anyone know any sufficient keyboard app for android tablets containing physics and math symbols? Including vectors maybe
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    Thanks a lot, however not quite what i was looking for. Would be nice to have a keyboard, where one could press a button to get an integral symbol for example. So far i simply use greek alfabet for some symbols.
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    I know it's now nearly a year after asking your question, but I'm hoping you'll still get notified of my reply, and who knows? Maybe it will still be relevant. :-)

    I am working with the developer of the GO Keyboard for Android to develop this very idea as we speak. So, it's great to see that someone is interested in the idea!

    While getting ready to study for my Set Theory/Topology final one semester, the need for a fully-integrated keyboard geared specifically for Physicists/Astrophysicists/Computational Physicists became glaringly-apparent. I got tired of switching back and forth between a logic keyboard--pretty much the best compromise I could find--and a Greek one just to use my digital notecard app that I can sync to my online sccount. I needed it to write equations, and soon realised to have one to handle complex integrals along with vector notation would be even better.

    I immediately contacted the developer after I got done with the standard physicist "Praise me, I‘m a genius" dance, o0) and outlined the idea. It wasn't 10-minutes later he had written back, completely on board, and a little excited, too.

    The idea has been on hold, of course, but now that I'm not in class, I have time to devote to it.

    After contacting some professors and colleagues who work in Astrophysics, I now have a list of symbols/characters/variables with which to begin. All the developer‘s waiting for now is a first draft for a keyboard layout from me.

    If you guys think any of the forum readers here may be interested in becoming a beta tester to work with the layout, suggestions for key choices and to report any bugs, reply here. I'd like to shoot for a beta release date by the end of August, at the earliest.

    Thank-you so much for asking--I never would have seen it if I hadn't done another search to check if anyone had released one in the meantime.

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    I should like to have seen the 'Praise me, I'm a genius' dance, because indeed you are.

    I look forward to you posting what promises to be an amazing tool.
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    The more advanced the classes as I get through my engineering degree, the more useful something like this is. I'll be interested in taking part if needed
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