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Physics or Physics with Astrophysics?

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    In a physics degree there is the option of choosing an astronomy module, which I would choose, and having done this it means in the final year there is the option of choosing an astrophysics module or alternatively another physics module. Either of which would be of interest to me.

    If I choose the Astrophysics module, my final degree title will be
    Physics with Astrophysics.

    If instead I choose another physics module my degree will be Physics.

    After graduation, would there be any benefit in one degree title over the other?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF.
    Depends strongly on what you want to do after graduation ... eg. if your college has an Astrophysics research program post-grad that you want to join, then do the Astro version. It's probably what it is there for. At my College there was a similar thing for Quantum Optics.

    If you expect to go into middle-management then it is six of one and a half-dozen of the other: on the one hand it makes your CV stand out against the plain-science majors, but on the other it may make you look too "head in the stars" for employers ... the gripping hand is: there is no telling - do what you enjoy the best - that way lies better grades.
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    Thank you for that Simon.
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