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    Hey everyone. Ok for the last year I have studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London first year undergraduate. Have never really enjoyed my course, been interested in the subjects and what is going on, not done well in my exams etc.

    I am now considering quitting and going to study Physics with Astrophysics. I loved physics at a-level and gcse and have always been interested and fasinated in space as well! I have definetly made a bad choice in studying engineering as it just isnt for me. I have 4 A-levels in physics, maths, electronics and computing all at A grade.

    Just need some advice on where to study in UK that is good for this course, and peoples opinions on it. Have mainly looked at nottingham, leeds, manchester, bristol, leicester.

    Most places do not have clearing places advertised however on ringing some up it becomes apparant they do want my cos of my A-level grades!

    Thanks for all information from everyone!

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    this wouldn't be a reply to your thread, my fren.....but i just hope u wouldn't mind me sharing ur thread...since i too LOVe space n physics....but i m still at gcse lvl.

    anyway...if my sources were right....i heard tat oxford offers a good faculaty(obviously, right)?

    hope sm1 wit more experience replies to ur thread


    ~ambitious 16 yr old~
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    You can check out the RAE (research scores from 2001) here: http://www.hero.ac.uk/rae/rae_dynamic.cfm?myURL= [Broken]

    And QAA (teaching quality) here: http://www.qaa.ac.uk/reviews/reports/archive/oldSubjReports.asp?subjID=27 [Broken]

    Should help.

    At UG, I'd also decide where I'd want to live - one thing, it'll be cheaper and cleaner than London!

    As far as reputations of unis go: obviously, Bristol is an old-boy one - and do good research, Machester has recently joined forces (UoM and UMIST) and have big ambitions, Nottingham is slightly behind these two, followed by Leeds and Leicster.
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    howa bout this !?

    Cardiff U

    http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/schoolsanddivisions/academicschools/physx.html [Broken]

    "The School of Physics and Astronomy has a large and internationally renowned staff; all members of academic staff have expertise in their own specialist fields. This provides a rich and dynamic environment for study and the School is considered in the top 10 UK universities for the quality of its research work."

    peace out!
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    Astrophysics can only be taken in the third and forth years of the Natural Science Tripos.
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    "Natural Science Tripos"
    wats that may i ask!!??

    ty mr density!
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    Firstly, I hated the first year of my Mech Eng degree, and almost switched to Construction Management. I stuck it out, and by third year I loved the course, because it had got much more practical, and the theory wasn't just the incredibly boring foundation stuff you're taught in first year.

    Secondly, a friend (on the same course) dropped out after first year to switch to Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Manchester. She never looked back!
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