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Pie chart/proportion question

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    I have attached a screenshot of the question. The methodology and answer that makes sense to me is the following:

    29 (Total number of pupils) / 3 (Number of pupils who speak 3 languages) = 9.7 (1 d.p)

    The answer given:
    3 / 29 = 0.1 (1 d.p)

    Have a misunderstood the question here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Your method gives you how many times a class of 29 pupils can be divided up into sets of 3 pupils. That wasn't the question.

    Your answer gives 900+ percent. How do you get more than 100% of the class? Obviously you can't. The answer given in the figure is correct.
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    Look at a simpler case.
    Four balls: red, green blue and yellow.
    What proportion are red?
    It wouldn't be total / red because that would give you 4.
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