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Piezoelectric actuator in water

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    Hi people,

    I am in a project in my university and I need to paste two piezoelectric actuator in a thin circular ring but this ring will stay inside a tank filled with water.

    Will I have any problem in put this actuator in contact with water? It will be paste in the ring and connected in a wire that is connected with a function generator and power amplifier.

    I heard that's not a problem and I have only to seal with silicon but if this is true, how can I seal completely the actuator as no water enter in contact with the piezoeletric actuator?

    Accept more suggestions.

    Sorry for my english. ;s
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    There is an old technique for testing piezoelectric ceramic elements in seawater. The wires are soldered onto the element, then placed inside a rubber glove and filled with oil (vegetable or other). Then the glove wrist section is tied off tightly and sealed with RTV silicone sealant around the wires. Then you can dip it into the ocean and expect no shorts from the conductive seawater. Best of all, there is a good impedance match between the oil and water and the rubber is so thin and flexible that most of the acoustic energy gets from the piezo to the water and also, the reverse!
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