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Piezoelectric Circuit Help

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    Hi, I am having trouble implementing a circuit diagram onto a breadboard. The circuit involves a piezoelectric ceramic, which when pressure is applied, it should create enough power to activate 9V and light up an Led for a second. When I put the circuit together on the breadboard, to the best of my ability, the LED was already lit by the battery and nothing happened when pressure was applied to the piezo. Here is the link for the circuit diagram: http://circuitswiring.com/trigger-555-monostable-circuit-using-the-piezo-transducers/

    I have attached the photos of the circuit below. What am I doing wrong?


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    I cannot see the resistor from the piezoelectric ceramic to V+, but it has to be very large (at least 1MΩ). Here is a circuit diagram I found:
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    I tried the 1M Ohm resister and the same issue occurred.

    For the circuit you suggested. Where would the power, that I am using the piezoelectric to activate, connect?

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    The output pin (pin 6) of the LM108 has an amplified version of the signal from the transducer. Measure it and if it is large enough, use it to drive a power MOSFET or something.
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    jim hardy

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    Did you put it here ?

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