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Pillow block help

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    I'm having some problems regarding what type of pillow block to use to support a 2'' diameter black iron pipe vertically, yet letting it spin on the pillow block.

    I'm aware that the weight applied to a pillow blocks is usually parallel to the mounting surface (the way one would usually use a ball bearing). im wondering if there is a pillow block out there that can support 100-150lbs, but on the wrong axis.
    I plan to mount the rod on the pillow block using a collar above the pillow block (butting against it)

    I'm sorry if the description is hard to understand but its also difficult to describe.

    drawing attached

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    Angular contact bearings (balls captured in deep races) can handle considerable axial load as well as radial load. A 150 pound axial load on an angular contact bearing with a 2" ID would be near the MINIMUM load you'd want on the bearing. Too little load and bearings can skid, wearing out faster.

    If you're mounting on a pipe however, you may need to consider how the clamp is going to be affected. Normally, these surfaces are fairly high tolerance, so the natural surface of a pipe wouldn't suffice.
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