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Planarity puzzle

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    Chi Meson

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    Just in case you have some time that isn't yet wasted. Has anyone else tried this puzzle? I took just over 20 minutes to do level 12, then it seems to get exponentially more difficult. It's much more fun replaying level 10 or 11.


    Every now and then you find a puzzle/game that you were born to solve. I just wish I could do this for a job!
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    Wow, this is fun, although really hard to comprehend at times.
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    I hated that game - I quit at level 3
    Steve completed level 30something then the guy moved servers and all his game history got lost and he lost heart in it.
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    Chi Meson

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    30? I tried skipping to level 20, and I was overwhelmed. I couldn't even see the individual dots. My computer was too slow to comprehend moving the dots around. Evidently the top is open-ended, so there's no point in going any higher; it's much more fun staying at levels 10 or 11 and go for best time.


    I just checked to see what level 30 would be like. IT totally froze my machine at work. I'll be staying below 15 at least.
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    What a waste of time! I did four levels, but there's no challenge to this puzzle, it's just repetitive mindless work. Level 30 has hundreds of dots, it would take half a day to work through it (just to physically drag the dots).

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    I remember this was posted here over the summer and I got to level 27.... only to find out that while I was playing, the dude added a save game feature, so bassically I was still running the old version, unable to save!!!!!

  8. Dec 23, 2005 #7

    Chi Meson

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    Still, I haven't (seriously) tried anything beyond level 15. After that point it isn't such fun. What I enjoy most is forming a 3D picture from the lines and envisioning a way to "flatten out" the pattern. Too many lines and I can't form the image and it loses the fun. levels 9--12 are perfect for me (best time for level 9 is 4:58).
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