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Plasma, which formula to use

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    Hello. I didn't count examples about plasma at school. Never yet. I'm trying it study on my own. I do not know what to do with a few examples. I do not know which formula to use. I give here one of them.

    Calculate the resistivity of hydrogen plasma at 1 keV.

    How can I do it?
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    Re: Plasma

    How does one define resistivity, or it's reciprocal, conductivity?

    "for a conducting medium we define the conductivity, σ, or resistivity, η, by . . . . "

    See - http://silas.psfc.mit.edu/introplasma/chap3.html#tth_sEc3.5.2 (3.139)

    More generally - http://silas.psfc.mit.edu/introplasma/index.html
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