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Plausability of a Plasma Jet Electric Thruster

  1. Oct 7, 2012 #1
    I frequent this website occasionally, but most of the projects on it aren't nearly as outreaching as this one appears to be.


    It's basically a group of 3 scientists trying to raise upwards of $70,000 to fund a plasma jet electric thruster, which they hope will be a far more efficient process for space travel. This is all way over my head, so I was wondering if anyone with the proper credentials could clarify whether or not this is feasible.
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    1kW input power, 20km/s exhaust velocity correspond to a maximal thrust of 0.1N - with the 10% efficiency number, this is reduced to 0.01N. Ion thrusters have similar values, but this table indicates a better efficiency. Maybe they can decrease the size, but in terms of efficiency they won't get much. More maximal thrust would be interesting, too.
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