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Please help me identify this electronic component in Camera

  1. Feb 18, 2016 #1
    I have a Casio FH-20 camera. I tried looking for a schematic to no avail. Everything in the camera works fine except that it will no longer remember the date/time when the batteries are removed. I figured there was a lithium battery in the camera that went dead (it's about 8 years old, I believe), so I took it apart.

    On the main board is a broken component (literally broken).. I *think* it's a capacitor, which would make sense as far as backup of the date/time would go.

    Here's an image of the main board with the broken component. The # on the piece is 4R7U. But haven't found anything online which necessarily would be a replacement.

    Thanks for any help!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/23k62eqvz3qw2fl/2016-02-18 21.07.38.jpg?dl=0
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    jim hardy

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    just a guess here
    it's a 4.7 uh inductor not unlike this Panasonic
    http://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data Sheets/Panasonic Electronic Components/R_Series_ELL5PR.pdf

    reason for that guess is it looks like a coil under the hole in its top
    and the large solder pads suggest a power handling component

    not to discourage enthusiasm, but if it blew its top there is probably something else wrong that caused it to do that
    can you measure the DC and AC voltages across it in operation ? Compare to others? Unsolder and compare its resistance to one of the others? That takes surgeon's fingers.
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    agree with Jim .... definitely an inductor

    I don't see any backup capacitor or battery in that circuit .... show a fuller pic of the circuit board please

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    It also looks like some components were burned off of the board at the top of the picture.

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    My vote is for a 4.7 uH inductor as well
    However, the ferrite might be a bit broken but the main magnetic loop of the inductor seems fine. The inductor should still work !! Maybe the inductance would drop a bit but most circuits can take some variations of component values without any problem. Maybe the burned-off component at the top?
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    Or is that an area of corrosion? From a leaking battery or cap?
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    Not sure there, but don't think so

    I had earlier asked for a fuller board image, but, as is common, the OP has been silent, so we may never know the whole story

  9. Feb 23, 2016 #8
    Sorry Dave, was busy over the weekend. This is about 90% of the board. Also, I never got an email notifying me of the other replies, so I didn't bother to check.

    I'll get a full pic of the board when I get home from work today.
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