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Please, HELP ME indentify this equation!

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    Cannot recognize the use or description of this equation... can anyone help me???

    Thanks in advance

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    The gamma here is from tensor calculus. Everything outside the bracketed part reminds me of virtual work almost. It could be acceleration equals the sum of the virtual work in each k^th direction (plus some mixing up of the indices). Now, I haven't had enough tensor calculus to help you more; sorry.

    I have a question though. Where did you find this equation? I have no context to work with here.
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    I thought about what I posted and then started searching for those key terms I talked about. I found the image on Wikipedia (the source of all knowledge) under the section on Fictitious Forces in Curvilinear Coordinates. It was the last equation given. I thought it was similar in form, so I posted it.


    There should be a bold face a in front of the equation. Wikipedia says this is for acceleration in curved spaces/manifolds.

    The website is:


    Hope that helped!
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