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Please recommend me a good textbook for Differential Equations?

  1. Jul 25, 2014 #1
    Can someone please recommend me a good textbook for Differential Equations that has lots of practice problems and less theoretical problems? Please tell me the name of the textbook, edition, and author. Thanks.
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    I didn't respond till now because my answer was always going to be somewhat disappointing: differential equations are very theoretical and most books are quite similar. They also seem to be quite expensive.

    But I've found an older edition book for you that should have sufficiently many problems and answers for you to have no trouble learning from it. The authors also write a very good calculus book, and you can always ask questions here on the forums, so this is my recommendation for you.


    I chose this 4th edition because the newer editions are very expensive; this one is from 1999, not so long ago.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you!
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    i agree with edwards and penney, and i also like martin braun's book, and guterman and nitecki, and more advanced: arnol'd.
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    How about Tenebaum and Pollard. Or you may want to take G.F. Simmon's Differential Equations with Historical Notes. I had this, and it is a very good book. The good thing is you won't need any solution manual. They give answers at the back of the book (I said answers, not whole solutions, just answers).

    Or you may want to get Dennis G. Zill's book.
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    Off topic: If I am not wrong, you also write reviews on amazon.
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    I second this. T&P is probably my favorite DEs book. It's good for self-study and has all the answers to the problems. It's only like $16 on Amazon too.
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    I recommend this book very highly. It's truly excellent.
  10. Aug 14, 2014 #9
    The famous book by Vladimir Arnol'd might be worth mentioning. However, like all of his books, it is considerably hard to read. Its level of abstractness might be somewhere between typical math and physics books. In case you're looking for a totally unmathematical book - no proofs - with a lot of technique, I recommend the ODE book from the 'for Dummies' series by Steven Holzner. You can get the most important theoretical aspects (that, in my opinion, every physicist should be familiar with) from "Analysis, Manifolds and Physics" in an utterly condensed manner.
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    Dr Transport

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    Boyce and Diprima
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