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Plotting a Matrix within an X,Y range

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    Hi guys...

    Here's the problem. I want to plot a Temperature T(x,y) profile across a plate with dimensions L x W. I'm using finite difference method so the temperature are only known at the nodes I choose, if I make n nodes across the Length and m nodes across the Width I will end up with an n x m matrix or n*m x 1 matrix. The problem is that I want to assign each known Temperature of the nodes to its respect point in the plate across the x-y plane.

    Is not a plotting command problem, I used surf(T) or mesh(T) and I end up with a plot that have the temperature profile but the x axis goes from 0 to n and the y from 0 to m and not LxW. The temperature is not in it's corresponding x,y point.

    Any help?
    Thanks in advance.
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    You need to learn to read the documentation. From MATLAB's help:

    - Warren
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