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Plotting particles in MATLAB

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    I have data for the positions of particles in 3D space and I'm trying to use MATLAB in order to visualize it. How do I plot little balls in 3D? The only function I can find at the minute is streamParticles but I'm looking for something simpler.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. You simply do plot3(x,y,z,'.'), where x, y, and z are arrays of coordinates.

    I do have another question, though. How do you find the spherical harmonics component of a point in MATLAB? In other words, if you have a set of points [tex]r_i[/tex], how would you find [tex]Y_l_m (r_i)[/tex]?
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    Dr Transport

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    You need to expand the points in a series of [tex]Y_l_m (r_i)[/tex]. It is a fairly straightforward proceedure to do so.
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