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News Political correctness Vs Freedom of speech

  1. Mar 5, 2005 #1
    "Political Correctness (PC) is the communal tyranny that erupted in the 1980s. It was a spontaneous declaration that particular ideas, expressions and behaviour, which were then legal, should be forbidden by law, and people who transgressed should be punished.
    ...The declared rational of this tyranny is to prevent people being offended; to compel everyone to avoid using words or behaviour that may upset homosexuals, women, non-whites, the crippled, the mentally impaired, the fat or the ugly.
    ...Helen... was a citizen of Kiev during the Red Terror, and described living with official truth and the constant threat of arrest. Knowing the content of the latest party newspaper was critical to avoiding internment, as public contradiction, either directly or indirectly, meant denouncement to the KGB. If you complained about being hungry when food shortages were not officially recognised, then you became an enemy of the state. If you failed to praise a Soviet hero, or praised an ex-hero, then again your fate was sealed. The need to be politically correct dominated all conversation and behaviour.
    ...Unless plain speaking is allowed, clear thinking is denied. There can be no good reason for denying freedom of expression"

    "On America's college campuses [political correctness] has diminished freedom of speech, warped curricula, politicized grading and replaced intellectual integrity with vapid sloganeering...
    Deconstruction first removes all meaning from "texts," then inserts new meaning: one way or another, the text illustrates the oppression of women, blacks, homosexuals, etc., by white men and Western culture. The intended meaning of the author is irrelevant"

    "'The enemies of intellectual liberty always try to present their case as a plea for discipline versus individualism.... [but] to write in plain, vigorous language one has to think fearlessly, and if one thinks fearlessly one cannot be politically orthodox.' ––George Orwell"
    http://members.aol.com/williefank/pc-essay.htm [Broken]

    You disagree with political correctness? Fascist!
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    I always loved the irony of extreme political correctness. Liberals are supposed to be the champions of freedom (1st amendment above all), yet the US's bastion of censorship is its bastion of neo liberalism: Berkeley, California. True to liberalism though, it isn't institutional censorship, but popular censorship: if the school paper publishes an unpopular idea, the students will steal and destroy the papers so people can't read the article!
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    There is a way to remain politically correct while continuing to exercise your Freedom of Speech. One just need to think about what they say and how to say it, before tey open their mouths.
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    Views that aren't PC can be said in a vulgar way that nobody will agree with, or in sensitive and academic terms. Those who insist on these views not being expressed will still find the latter unacceptable.
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    Dang! I had a bet with myself that we'd never agree on anything.
  7. Mar 5, 2005 #6
    You should be allowed to speak your peace on a subject as you see fit, whether it offends people or not. However, a clearly articulate and educated opinion can get the same point across and allow you to maintain your integrity.
  8. Mar 5, 2005 #7
    One shouldn't go around trying to please everyone all the time. Its acceptable to disagree with people. Political correctness is a an attempt to avoid hurt feelings.
  9. Mar 5, 2005 #8
    I can't believe you just said that! That's SO patronising.
  10. Mar 5, 2005 #9
    I didn't make the comment to be patronizing. I just think its better to speak your mind but try to do it as politly as possible. Many times this isn't what happens, but we can't really help that.
  11. Mar 5, 2005 #10
    :biggrin: But how would you like it if you weren't allowed to say what you just said, just because I found it offensive? i.e. I didn't think you were being patronising at all, I was just making a point. Hope you don't mind :redface:
  12. Mar 5, 2005 #11
    Oh no its ok...I understand what your meaning was...:smile:

    I would be indescribably upset if I wasn't allowed to speak my mind because it offended someone. I would try to do everything I could to make it possible for me to speak what was in my head.
  13. Mar 5, 2005 #12
    Its almost IMPOSSIBLE to say anything without offending anyone...which is soo incredible annoying and bothersome...:devil:
  14. Mar 5, 2005 #13
    I hate the idea of 'political correctness'.

    If what i say offends you, don't listen. Better yet, go away. Problem solved.

    Now granted, it is better to be respectful of people, i won't argue with that, but a garbage man is a garbage man, not a friggin engineer.
  15. Mar 5, 2005 #14

    Lol... :rofl: I can agree with that. I don't completely disagree with political correctness. Thats also one way to express an opinion. :wink:
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    Political correctness is ok, but what I can't stand is political correctness gone mad.

    We're not allowed to sing "Baa baa black sheep" any more in our schools. If anyone can convince me that this move will discourage racism, then I'll be their personal slave for a time period of not less than six hours.
  17. Mar 5, 2005 #16

    :surprised YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!! Your school banned Baa Baa Black Sheep!?!? Thats dumb. How is that song racist? I can't stand it either when people go over board ith political correctness. That drives me up the wall.
  18. Mar 5, 2005 #17


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    Both Russ and Franz ... ever better ! PC is a plague, just a cheap way of giving a punch.
  19. Mar 5, 2005 #18

    I would sing it anyway.

    Then they can discipline me, and i can sue for infringement of my first amendment rights. For irony's sake, i'd call the NAACP for support. :biggrin:
  20. Mar 5, 2005 #19
    Brilliant idea. Hopefully win loads of money!:biggrin:
  21. Mar 5, 2005 #20

    How insulting!!!

    I'm conservative dammit!

    I don't want the money. I want that school board in jail.
  22. Mar 5, 2005 #21
    Not ment as an insult. You can be conservative. You can put the school board in jail and put that money to good use.
  23. Mar 5, 2005 #22

    I don't want any bloody money.

    Have i worked for it? Have i done anything to deserve it? No. And unlike most other Americans, i know that that means i shouldn't get it. I don't want it. I wouldn't take it.

    I just want the school board in jail for violating the law. Simple. Justice. A concept utterly foreign to most Americans.
  24. Mar 5, 2005 #23
    Are you always this negetive about everything? You can say what you like...you're right of free speech.
  25. Mar 5, 2005 #24
    Oh, i'm very positive. I'm positively sure that i'm this negative.

  26. Mar 5, 2005 #25


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    Why, just the other day someone repeated the age-old advise that I should not discuss religion and politics.

    Since religion is subjective and is personal interpretation (cannot be substantiated), I do not discuss it--I don't have that kind of time (i.e., infinity). Keeping up with current events is much more important in other countries of the world than it is in America, and politics is a staple of conversation abroad. So one might ask, why is it so "politically incorrect" to discuss politics in the US? Maybe most Americans are uncomfortable with it because they don't stay up with the issues. In this forum people in other countries know a lot more about US history, constitution, events, etc. than my fellow Americans do (outside the Ivy Towers). More disconcerting is since 9-11, I feel there has been a trend to suppress dissent in our country (ironically in the guise of patriotism). If these people really love their country and want to spread democracy, they might want to try a little of it right here at home first.
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